SmartAlbums and SmartSlides Giveaway

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SmartSlides and SmartAlbums have been invaluable tools for me as a photographer. They have expedited my process and have made cumbersome tasks not only attainable, but fun. They are the best in the business, have amazing support, and they'll be on recommendation list as long as they exist because they're really that good. Once you have these tools, you'll wonder how you ever went without them.

They've been amazing supporters and they've decided to team up with me to give away BOTH one copy of SmartAlbums and one FREE YEAR of SmartSlides (Two Prizes). There will be two winners, so how cool is that!

To enter, all you need to do is go to @levitijerinapresets Instagram, click on the giveaway post, follow @levitijerinapresets and drop a comment, that's it.

Extra Entries

 If you want extra entries, tag a photographer in the comments who could use this software.


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If you enter and you buy (or have bought) Levi Tijerina Presets, you'll get an extra five entries.

There are no caps on entries, so tag as many friends as you'd like.

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Smart Albums


Don't believe you can make make an album in 10 minutes? Guess again! This album was designed in 10 minutes! To save you time, the clip has been sped up so you can see it all in 43 seconds, but trust me, this is THE best album software out there.

Smart Slides

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If you're keen to see an example, check out this link to see my 2017 Year in Review Post via SmartSlides with BeatMatching