Monthly Education Subscription - Launching Soon!

Education isn't an accident. In order to learn, you have to be intentional about listening and about seeking out people to coach, guide, and mentor you.

After hosting workshops for years around the country, I've decided that it is a more approachable and efficient to reach an ongoing community through online access to videos and guides that can be constantly referenced. I want to create a community and space that is rooted in community-based education and I want to encourage others to become leaders through dedicated, consistent hard work. My intention is to help you get to the next levels of your business, wherever they may be, by attentively listening to your needs and helping you problem solve to find the answers you need.

Launching in February 2018, I am going to be sharing educational content via Patreon. There will be educational videos and posts covering a range of topics, but starting first with Color Grading. I'm going to walk through my presets and show how to modify and adapt them for your needs, and some upcoming topics will be' How to Hack Presets' and 'Finding the Right Colors for Split Toning' among others. In addition, members will be able to request topics which will be shared with everyone and members will have access to a members-only facebook group for sharing, building, and growing in community.

Things will launch directly after the presets launch, so stay tuned!

Levi Tijerina