Frequently Asked Questions

These presets use the Develop Version 3, meaning they can be used with Adobe Lightroom 4 and later, as well as any version of Camera RAW created after 2012.

Where can I use these presets?

Absolutely. If you're curious, shoot me an e-mail and we can talk about building you custom presets that are dialed in for your photos, camera bodies, and vision. We can even go so far as to set up custom camera profiles for you. If you're looking for a way to separate yourself from the crowd, or looking for a way to build your brand, I'd be happy to talk with you more about that.

Will you create a custom preset for me?

What Cameras are these dialed in for?

These presets have been extensively tested on Canon camera bodies, 5D Mark III and 5D Mark IV. Those are the cameras they were originally intended for. With that being said, they adapt very well to Sony files, and they are very malleable for Nikon and Fuji bodies as well. The Presets have been released with Adobe Standard Camera Profiles in order to give them longevity over time so that they don't become self-obsolete as camera bodies develop. If you are looking for presets that have a dedicated Camera Profile or have been dialed in for your specific camera body, I suggest looking into DVLOP.

Why do you charge for your educational content?

I've been a photographer for over five years and with the growth of my family, I only have so much time for education. Education is incredibly meaningful to me, so while I still intend to speak at conferences and participate in a few workshops, I need a more dedicated space to offer educational content that isn't tied into a specific time or place in order to be able to reach the most amount of people. Additionally, I think education should be approachable, so I want to make it easily accessible for people to participate and learn from me. While online courses and content aren't the same as a personal connection, I hope this variation will allow for people to learn from me, while still keeping in-person workshops meaningful and intentional. 

How do you install these presets?

There is an instructional video for installation available here.