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My name is Levi Tijerina and I'm a photographer and educator from Denver, Colorado. My story is a long one, but to keep it short, I moved back to the United States six years ago to be close to my wife, Hillary and began my journey with photography then. Over the years, I've become increasingly invested into education and learning and have taught workshops alongside my good friend Gene Pease, as well as spoken at conferences and workshops in New York, Alaska, Scotland, Iceland, and across the U.S.

My hope is that these presets and my ongoing educational courses will be a place of growth for you. That you will find someone of a like mind, but also someone who will push you, challenge you, and encourage you. I'm here to help empower you to grow your business, build your brand, and spend more time focused and invested into real, personal relationships.

Everything in life is about intention and my intention with Levi Tijerina Presets is to help give you life and time back, and to help teach you how to find and achieve your voice in photography